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Description :Portable Automatic Smart Dish Washer Machine Kitchen Dish Washer Portable Handheld Smart Dishwasher 

- [ Automatially Clean The Dishes ] : A new dishwashing experience.No need to touch oil.A robotic arm that automatically cleans the dishes.
- [ Saying Time And Effort ] :  Whether it is a bowl or a plate can be tightly grasped, easy to complete the clean task.Let the washing dishes become easy to enjoy the process.Come to feel different dishwashing experience.
- [ High Quality Material ] : High quality brush detailed with anti-slid rotate whee.Durable sponge, can be replaced and clean thoroughly
-[ Easy To Operate ] : To use the unique handheld automatic dish scrubber just lock in a plate or bowl, and pull the trigger.It'll then spin the dish vigorously around while a scrubber drags itself around the dish while it spins.
- [ No Noise ] : High-quality gearing, features strong clean power and no noise
- [ Waterproof ] :  IPX5 waterproof, you can use it and not afraid of water, safe and clean

Specification :

Material  Plastic
Color  Green
Weight  1kg
Size  41.8 x 11.5 x 7 cm
Input Voltage 8.4V
Working Voltage 7.2V
Working Current 1.2A
Speed     500 Rotation / Minute
Working Time 40 Minutes ( Full Power )
Lithium Battery 1500 mAh

Package Includes :1 x Automatic Smart Dish Washer Machine






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