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Description :KS06  Plastic Garbage Bag Organizer Dispenser Wall Mount Storage Box Holder Collection  

Mounts with adhesive tape for the plastic bag dispenser.
With an extra wide opening Cap for easy access to your bags. and a wide hole for easy take the bag out.
Installation is simple, the material Polypropylene makes it bend easily, durable and secure.
It‘s not only used to store plastic bags, but also trinkets, belts, socks or other small thing.
Plastic bag organizer provides efficient storage for spare bags after shopping to be reused; great for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, shower, laundry room, office and garage.

Specification :Material : PP
Color : Light Blue, Pink, Green, White
Size : 31.5 x 10 x 10 cm

Package Includes :1 x  KS06  Plastic Garbage Bag Organizer 





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